Custom Timber Construction Retaining wall & PlantingsSCOTT’S Lawn & Landscape Division offers full design, installation and seasonal maintenance services to our customers in the Greater Olean, NY area. We service both residential and commercial sites. SCOTT’S Lawn & Landscape Division offers a “total service package”. This includes an Initial Cleanup; Lawn Mowing and Line Trimming; Monthly Cleanup and Fall Cleanup Services.

SCOTT’S Lawn & Landscape Division will create and maintain a beautiful yet functional site, while providing you with a level of service exceeding your expectations.

Now it is easier than ever to enjoy your lawn and landscape without all the work! From weekly lawn mowing and line trimming to complete yearly maintenance plans, SCOTT’S Lawn & Landscape Division has developed service packages with your unique site requirements in mind. SCOTT’S Lawn & Landscape Division can help you determine what services best suit your needs and budget. It has never been easier!

Large, Decorative Landscape RocksFor first time customers, we recommend our Initial Cleanup Service. We start from scratch and transform your site into a manicured masterpiece!

-Weeding of planting beds
-Pruning/ Trimming of plant materials
-Edging along turf/ bed edges
-Power edging along concrete walks/ drives
-Freshen mulch layer (up to 3”deep)
-Collection and removal of debris

Our Lawn Maintenance Service lets you enjoy your day off instead of spending it mowing. Your lawn will look immaculate every time!

– Weekly grass mowing with alternating pattern
– Line trimming around obstacles
– Collection of grass clippings- as required
– Lawn fertilization services are subcontracted to a licensed pesticide applicator.

Our Monthly Cleanup Service will help to maintain that flawless landscape and monitor the plant conditions each month!

– Weeding, pruning & trimming- as requiredHome Page 4
– Power edging along concrete walks/ drives
– Collection & removal of debris
– Site garbage collection & removal
– Annual/ Perennial flower maintenance
– Watering services- as required

We all love the radiant fall colors we see around this area. When the leaves start to accumulate in our yards, it becomes a different story.  Our Fall Maintenance Service will remove those pesky leaves for you.

– Weeding, pruning, trimming of plant materialsCustom Timber Construction Retaining wall
– Perennial flower maintenance
– Ornamental tree pruning (limited)
– Leaf Collections
– Gutter inspections (limited)
– Winter plant protection installation services